GA4: Manual Tagging

In Google Analytics 4 (GA4) you can manually tag the destination URLs in your ads with UTM parameters to collect a basic set of traffic-source dimensions:

Parameter & Dimension

1) utm_source
First user source
Session source

2) utm_medium
First user medium
Session medium

3) utm_campaign
First user campaign
Session campaign

4) utm_term
Manual term
Session manual term
First user manual term

5) utm_content
Manual ad content
Session manual ad content
First user manual ad content

6) utm_source_platform
Source platform
Session source platform
First user source platform

7) utm_creative_format
Creative format
Session creative format
First user creative format

8) utm_marketing_tactic
Marketing tactic
Session marketing tactic
First user marketing tactic

When you use manual tagging, you provide the value for each parameter in your destination URL, for example:

You can use the several URL builders to construct your URLs.
Google’s URL builder is here.